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The Matteson Police Tactical Unit was developed to offer a different approach in response to criminal activity. This plain clothes, under-cover unit supplements both the Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division. The work of a tactical unit is far from routine as it can involve chasing down suspects, running after burglars or working under-cover. Tactical Officers respond to a wide range of assignments as well as in-progress calls. They investigate a number of criminal activities which may include narcotics, vice-related offenses, and weapons offenses.

Since the Village of Matteson has a large number of retail establishments, the tactical unit specializes in financial crimes such as credit card fraud, retail thefts, forgeries, deceptive practices, or identity theft related offenses. Tactical officers often receive additional training relative to their assignments and also initiate their own investigations. Determining crime patterns is an integral part of this unit as well.

The Tactical Unit consists of one to three Patrol Officers and one Tactical Sergeant. Members of the tactical unit are officers from the patrol division who are highly motivated and require little supervision.