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The Matteson Police Department operates with a staff of 41 sworn officers, a Chief Police, 10 full-time civilian employees, from a contemporary, state-of-the-art police building located at 20500 South Cicero Avenue.

CitizenshipOfficers must be US citizens and/or aliens admitted for permanent residence or lawfully admitted for temporary residence and able to produce evidence of intention to become US citizens.

AgeMay be 20 years of age at the time of testing but must be 21 by the date of appointment and less than 35 years of age, unless the individual meets the exemptions set by state statue (prior police officer experience). Proof of birth date will be required before appointment.

Height/WeightMust be comparable for overall size and body structure.


Demonstrated physical agility and muscular coordinations pass rigid physical examination and tests for drug use.

CharacterMust be of good moral character and of temperate habits. Psychological and polygraph tests will be required for final applicants.

EducationHigh School Diploma or equivalent at time of testing.

ResidencyAny officer hired after April 18, 1994 shall, within 24 months of beginning their term of employment and continuously thereafter, reside within the following streets and those incorporated municipalities which cross over those streets other than Chicago, Joliet or any Indiana community: the Indiana border to the East, Farrell / Cherry Hill Road to the West, 127th to the North and Eagle Lake Road to the South, including Beecher.

The 24 month period described above shall begin on the effective date of employment, notwithstanding that at the time of the commencement of the employee's hiring the employment shall be contingent upon any required probationary period.

WagesThe salary range for a patrol officer is $50,335 - $70,571.

HolidaysThe Village recognizes 9 paid holidays, and grants three personal days during each fiscal year.

Sick LeaveOfficers receive one sick day per month. Unused sick leave may be accumulated without limitation.

VacationOfficers receive 80 hours paid vacation from 1 - 4 years of service and progress to a maximum of 200 hours with 20 or more years of service.

InsuranceThe village offers comprehensive health and dental insurance, 1 x base salary life coverage, and short term disability package, in addition to a Section 125 plan for unreimbursed medical expenses.

Pension PlanOfficers participate in the Matteson Police Pension Plan contribute 9.91% of their salary into the fund on a pre-tax basis. Personnel employed by the Matteson police Department must also contribute to Social Security at a total rate of 7.65%.

UniformsThe Village furnishes full initial uniforms and leather. Thereafter, an annual uniform allowance of $500 is allotted. On and off duty the Officer must purchase his/her weapons.

Education Incentives Tuition reimbursement for work related courses is available along with additional annual compensation for college credits that are job related.

Other Option
Deferred Compensation Plan, Credit Union.