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Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is an integral part of the police department. It is the responsibility of the Criminal Investigations Division to process crime scenes and evidence, conduct follow-up investigations regarding state, local and federal offenses, dispose of juvenile arrests, conduct asset forfeiture investigations, conduct background investigations for village employment and licensing, court preparation, develop crime trends and patterns, assist in intelligence sharing, provide community education and support, and support the patrol division and Tactical Unit through various forms of assistance and education.

Currently, the Criminal Investigations Division is made up of the detective sergeant (supervisor), three detectives, and the school resource officer. Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division continually receive specialized training in conducting crime scene investigations, evidence handling and processing, search, seizure, and law updates, interviewing techniques, and trends occurring within law enforcement.

Each detective assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for an individual caseload. New cases are assigned weekly, and almost daily. Cases investigated range from damage to property and theft to burglaries, robberies, sexual assaults and homicides. The detectives rely on one another, as well as the Tactical Unit and the Patrol Division, for assistance in resolving an investigation. Large scale investigations typically involve the entire Division working collectively to resolve the investigation.

The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with other federal, state and local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, various other court and social service agencies, community based and village agencies, retail organizations, and above all else, the fine citizens who reside within the Village of Matteson. Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division are assigned to various task forces, such as the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force (S.S.M.C.T.F.) and the Cook County Retail Organized Crime Task Force. Often times, criminal investigations will overlap from one jurisdiction to another and impromptu task forces will arise as a result.